About Us

So...How did "Good for You Cooking Classes" Start?

Growing up in the Midwest, eating real good-for-you food was always important to our family, and enjoying freshly harvested fruits and vegetables was a way of life for us. With basement shelves filled with home-canned produce and the freezer stocked with the bounty, we learned to make healthy choices early on!

My husband (an Argentine) and I raised our family in several small towns in Argentina. There we were privileged to enjoy fresh produce year-round and we didn't have many options of fast-food and processed food. Early on, I learned to make everything “from scratch”. We are thankful that our three children also acquired a taste for real, good-for-you food; that’s the way we all cook.

Now, back in Ohio, I've become a Cooking Instructor so I can help others learn to appreciate and prepare real, good-for-you food. It's so rewarding to work with kids and share in their excitement when they realize they can really cook...and eat healthy! A special bonus is helping adults learn to make wise food choices and enjoy healthy cooking, also.

Our Mission:

The mission of Good for You Cooking Classes is to enable kids and adults to prepare wholesome, homemade food with real ingredients.

  • Are you a concerned Mom who would like to learn to prepare healthy snacks and meals for your family?
  • Do you have - or know - kids who would love to learn to cook, but no one has time to teach them?
  • Are you an adult who enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and you want to stay healthy?
  • Do you want to "start eating healthy" (as so many people say), but don't know where or how to start?
  • Are you looking for a different, fun option for a birthday party?
  • Are you part of a church group who wants to do something out-of-the-ordinary?

If you said “YES” to any of the above, then "Good for You Cooking Classes" is the Solution!

Kathern Nemec

  • Certified Food Handler (Certification Course for State of Ohio)
  • Background check
  • Liability Insurance policyholder (K&K Insurance Group, Inc.)
  • Certified in First Aid, CPR, AED (American Heart Association)
  • BFA - University of Akron (minor in Education)
  • Decades of experience cooking with real ingredients!