Welcome to Good for You Cooking Classes

While new studies continue to expose the health risks of fast food and processed “food”, we as a nation are literally eating ourselves to death. There are words that we don’t know how to pronounce in the ingredients lists of processed foods; we don’t know what they are or what they are doing to our bodies. Let’s do ourselves a favor and get back to the basics of real ingredients and real food! We’ll be glad we did!

Hands-on and with options for every age group, we are here to help you! I hold private or group classes in any home, school, preschool, church, wellness facility or other organizations that is open to having classes. I offer local Team Building Events, Birthday parties, Presentations, Girl Scout “Scout Badge Cooking Classes”, Bible Foods Events, Custom Classes and much more! Contact me and we’ll talk about how you, too, can enjoy real, good-for-you food – and get your kids and grandkids to enjoy it, too! Should out Good for You Cooking Classes Facebook page for pictures, videos, interesting posts and future events.